The Henry Stickmin Collection

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This flash game is a revival of the famous Newgrounds classic. Go through an exciting, but dangerous life quest with Henry Stickmin, who can be called both lucky and unlucky at the same time. Find out for yourself why this is so during the exciting gameplay. Completely different but very interesting six different endings await your hero, try them all right now. Try all the modifications of this incredible game and choose the best one for you. Plunge into the world of interesting adventures with Henry right now! Start your unforgettable game with one click.

What is waiting for you?

Many exciting adventures are waiting for you with Henry Stickmine. The game has six different stories that you can go through and live. Live his exciting life and decide what will happen to him next by making important decisions. Everything depends on you! Escape from prison and improve your hero and his skills. Try his abilities in different life circumstances. Let your hero try himself in completely different roles and professions. Choose what you like best for your character. Henry can start as an ordinary robber and then become an agent or even an incredibly successful businessman, but if you want, you can remain a thief forever and just become more famous and dangerous. Gather your team or be alone. On your way there will be many obstacles that you will need to overcome and enemies that will constantly prevent you from achieving your goals. You will find many unique phrases specially from Henry Stickmin. In addition, in some episodes you can find helpers for life and participate in adventures together to make it more interesting.


You are waiting for six incredible episodes of the game that you need to overcome. Henry will do absolutely anything you tell him. It all depends on your choice. Your character will either achieve incredible success or fail or fall into an impasse. Make the right decisions for your hero. But not always the right decision can lead you to the desired result, but dead ends are no less interesting, so don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Your mistakes will also be accompanied by fun and jokes. Try to achieve as much success as possible in each of the episodes and earn as many points as possible. In addition, you are given a large number of repetitions for the episode. Create your own unique story and perspective for the final game.

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