Henry Stickmin: Escaping the Prison

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This is the second episode of the Henry Stickmin Collection. The main goal is to pass the keepers without being caught. Make a real escape! Help Henry to finally escape from the prison where he was imprisoned not justly. You were given a mysterious package, namely a cake that the guards did not examine well and therefore you can find surprises in it. Help has arrived, but you must use it correctly. The next choice is yours! Utilize any items available to you for their intended purpose in order to get out of this place without being noticed. Nothing will be extra in your efforts to get away.

You really need everything. If you take the correct decision, you can escape and get out. Be attentive, because one incorrect action of yours might get you back to prison. There are three different endings available for you in this game. Dive into this incredible adventure with Henry right now. To get started, you just need to click, and everything, everything is as always very simple. Good luck!

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