Stick War Adventure

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This title is about a courageous Stickman in cool armor. Here you should to go on an incredible adventure and fight enemies that will be on your way. Catch various objects and such gold that fall from the top. Then you can utilize them to buy and improve your hero’s equipment and unlock his new super abilities to combat to produce him more harder. Improve and modernize your hero to the fullest to make him invincible.

Enhance the power of your hero and promote unique abilities. Travel and explore the world together with the hero. On your way there will be many difficult obstacles which you need to overcome. Face dangers and fight enemies. Get ready for incredible boss fights. Research new skills, train in duels and improve your combat abilities with each round to defeat absolutely everyone. All you need to start the game is to click.Start your unforgettable adventures with Stickman right now and have an incredible time!

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