FNF vs Henry Stickmin

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Are you prepared to take part in an incredible duel? It is an incredible modification of the popular game Friday Night Funkin, along with the main character Henry Stickmin from his collection. You are expecting for modern music, new opponents and new interesting locations. Here you go forward your amazing travel to win the heart of your beloved. Finally win the girl’s heart. The boyfriend will face the popular Henry and other popular faces from his world in battle. Fight all rap battles and try to win. The game is very exciting although it can be complicated at the last rounds.

What is expecting for you?

In this game, the well-known Boyfriend will fight with Henry Stickmin near the bank. Henry tries to break into a bank to rob it. And you, in search of complex rap battles, suddenly you, in the role of Boyfriend, appear on his way. Challenge him now and fight a rap battle to stop him. You will see Henry in a completely new and unusual way for him. He wears silver shoes, blue leather gloves, sunglasses, a funny hat, and holds a golden microphone in his hands.

Show everyone your musical abilities in the ring. Keep one rate, don’t skip notes. Henry Stickmin try to stop you in every possible way using completely different objects and tools for this. You will definitely be impressed by the design of this game and the many new melodies that you will like without a doubt. You can have fun with your favorite characters and relax after a hard day. This game will undoubtedly drag you for a long time and you will not be able to tear yourself away thanks to your favorite hero. Have fun! Start your incredible battle right now with just one click!

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