Stick War Legacy 2

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This is a continuation of the military strategy play in which you must learn and strike opponents or protect your territory from aggression. You are on a real battlefield. Fight different nations and bring peace to the planet with a fun and exciting campaign. All you have to do is click on the campaign and start your incredible battle. Travel the world and explore it in detail. The main purpose is to break the statue of the opponent and continue to capture the other lands.

About missions

There are many different nations around you. All nations dedicate themselves to technology and combat. Every state has created its proper specific path of waging combat. The peoples have turned their weapons into a real religion. You must adhere to the path of peace and awareness. That is, it means that your persons do not worship their arms as gods. This makes you desirable for percolation by your neighboring nations. Your only opportunity to protect yourself is without a doubt to strike first. With the help of war, you can learn all the secrets of each nation. Try to overcome various nations.

In addition, you need to make your proper military from fighters of different classes of your choice. Do everything for victories and big conquests. Make a huge legion and take your opponents unexpectedly. Try out all your combat abilities and improve them throughout the game. You also must complete various tasks to gain money and open the other level. Play alone or together with your friends, in addition, you can challenge gamers from all over the world thanks to the multiplayer mode. Start your incredible fights right now!

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