Stick War Legacy 3

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Welcome to the incredible continuation of the battles of the armies. Control your own army of fighters in exciting battles. Fight wall to wall with other players and find out who is better. You will have the most basic army at your disposal, which you must improve in order to win. The main goal of this title is to summon warriors to the battlefield and try to destroy the opposite army. You can hire characters to get various items that you should to play the game or complete your tasks.

For example, you should to get gold, protect your statue so that your enemies do not destroy it. Utilize all your possibilities to the maximum. Attack and also defend. If you win, you will receive in-game currency that you can spend on buying new units and improving them further. Train, improve your knowledges, learn new strategies for further difficult battles. Create your own combat strategy.

Game features

Many heroes are expecting for you and every of them is unique in its own way, so study the possibilities of every character and train them. You must assemble your own unique crew in order to overcome all the opponents that stand in your way. Now there are a huge number of different opportunities that you can use. For example, you can heal units and even resurrect the dead. Also in this title there are new power-ups that upgrade your unit, it becomes stronger, faster and more dangerous.

In addition, you now have the skill to create spell cards that will help you defeat a player with any army on the battlefield. Incredibly addictive gameplay and easy controls await you. Thanks to multiplayer, you can challenge players from all over the world and your friends to battle. Show everyone that you have the best and invincible army! Start your battles right now.

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