The Henry Stickmin Collection 2

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This mode is a new version of the famous quest game The Henry Stickmin Collection. The main hero is still both lucky and a real loser rolled into one. More incredible and exciting adventures are waiting for you along with everyone’s favorite hero Henry. Explore this world and go on incredible adventures with the hero. Go through all the incredible stories with the main character. There are many changes waiting for you which we recommend to try. Start your journey right now!

What is expecting for you in this game?

You are waiting for finalized and improved graphics, worked out all the animation, and even in some places a modernized plot. You will be delighted, no doubt. For example, in one of the parts, Henry stumbles upon a train underground, and in the remake, he hits a gas vein in the same place and explodes. Immerse yourself in new exciting adventures with Henry and decide who he will be and what will happen to his life next. His life is completely under your control. Try Henry in completely different roles and let him do different things from different areas. He can commit crimes, become a businessman, or just create havoc in the city. Do whatever you want.

Try to make the right decisions so as not to get into dead ends, although this can also be confusing, but interesting. Do not be afraid to fail, because this is a life in which everything can happen and not always everything goes according to plan. During the game you have to go through various difficult tests, solve puzzles and complete interesting missions. Not everything is as easy as it seems at first glance. You will have many obstacles and trials on your way. For a more interesting passage of tests, you will meet allies along the way to help each other, but enemies will also come across on your road that will interfere with you in all your actions. Remember that if your mission fails you will have to start from the very beginning and you will have new complications.

Why is the game so popular?

This game has several full-fledged episodes from which you will no doubt be delighted. You can complete the game with completely different endings, which is much more interesting than the same ending. There are also a lot of different failures that you can suffer during the passage of the game. Start your adventure with Henry Stickmin right now and have an exciting time.

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