The Henry Stickmin Collection All Achievements

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Achievements are known as medals known in earlier versions. All achievements are very important and have a great value in this flash game. Get as many achievements as possible while completing various tasks in different episodes of The Henry Stickmin Collection. This system was introduced in the episode «Escaping the Prison». Come to success with all the incredible achievements. You have the opportunity to collect all the achievements and emerge as the absolute winner of these incredible adventures.

What are these achievements?

In general, achievements include a certain victory, the search for Easter eggs and specific items or tools. Collect all these achievements by searching for special Easter eggs that you will encounter throughout the game. Strive for completion with all biographies and achievements. They can also be obtained by completing a certain number of different tasks and missions, or even a certain number of failures during the passage of the game.

Each time you are assigned a certain number of points when you achieve specific goals and objectives. In addition, you can get different medals that can be seen in the menu for each episode of this incredible game. Start your game and collect as many achievements as possible right now!

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