Henry Stickmin Distraction Dance

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This distraction dance belongs to The Henry Stickmin Collection series of games. The Distraction Dance first appeared in the game when you were presented with a choice, and one of the options is to distract attention. All this will lead to a situation in which everyone will dance endlessly, which will eventually lead to failure. When this feature is selected, Henry Stickmin and other participants will attempt to perform a dance from Fortnite, but will get shot as a result.

Oddly enough, a red herring choreography is indeed the right choice. For example, in a situation where Henry Stickmin gone up the ventilation with Ellіe Rоse, they want to pass near two keepers Isаac Bindеrson and Hеath Stоne. Therefore, the characters need to create a distracting situation so that they are not noticed. When this option is selected, Henry starts dancing to an incredible tune to distract both guards, and Ellie joins him. But all this eventually leads to failure.

What is this dance?

As soon as this option is selected, Henry Stickmin starts dancing to an incendiary track. The dance itself is based on being distracted with all the participants, but at the same time pissing off the neighbors, although Henry thought it was funny. This dance became a real trolling and switching to a big disappointment. In general, this dance was added to the game as a special emote. With this option, you need to be extremely careful because most often such a decision leads to failure. In addition, immediately after the appearance of this dance, he gained immense popularity and became a real meme of this series of games with Henry. This is a really funny and funny dance to which several different variations have already been created. Try it yourself right now to dance this fun dance with Henry and all the other characters.

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