Top 4 Games in This Week

Henry Stickmin Collection Game Play Online

This is an incredibly addictive quest game. This is a revived and updated version of the well-known flash game about the character Henry Stickmin, which was published on the Newgrounds website. Plunge into the incredible world of unforgettable adventures and stories together with the lucky and at the same time the loser Henry. You have full control over your hero and his life. If you make the right choice, the game will get its logical continuation, so think about everything so as not to fail. Although even the right and deliberate decisions can lead to a dead end. During confusing dead ends, the game only gets more interesting. All the most interesting is waiting for you in this game. Try it yourself now and see for yourself. Try all the mods with your favorite character and choose the best one for you.

What is waiting for you?

Navigate through various interesting locations and complete all possible tasks and missions so as not to fall into a trap. Always act quickly and thoughtfully. Test your speed and agility. Each time you will be faced with a choice, and you need to choose only one thing. Everything that will happen depends only on you. Test the character in completely different roles and situations. Your hero can be the leader of a criminal gang or take the path of crime alone. You can also test your hero as an agent, hunter or even a successful businessman. Watch what is happening and how the situation changes during different elections. Always rely only on your abilities, think ahead and consider all circumstances. What events your decisions will lead to depends only on your intuition and luck. Try to diversify your life using completely different endings of the game. Experiment!

Game process

The game includes six exciting storylines. In each of them, the player must choose one of the answer options to help the protagonist Henry Stickmin solve any situation. You have to choose one of the items that Henry can use for a specific occasion in life. What you choose will affect the fate of your character and can completely change his life and further events in his life. Use all the tools that are available to you to complete tasks and missions. In addition, there will be many obstacles and enemies on your way, overcome everything. Each of the episodes has many endings, try to find the best one or just have fun watching the fun situations your character gets into.

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