Stickman Warriors

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This is an incredibly addictive game in which your character escapes from prison and participates in fights for survival. Stickman was unjustly imprisoned and no one wants to help him. But the hero takes everything into his own hands and carefully plans everything in order to finally get out to freedom. Help him carry out his incredible plan. Only thanks to the faith and hope of your hero will be able to breathe the air of true freedom. Every stage is a combat in a closed block. There are always two players in the two-dimensional zone, that is, you and your adversary.

The principal goal is to murder the opponents in order to stay alone and go to the next stage. During the game, you will be proposed different types of arms and devices for fights, use them all to the maximum. You have two game modes at your disposal: a campaign in which you go through levels in turn destroying enemies and also an endless mode in which you can endlessly beat your opponent as much as you have strength, this mode can also be called training. Try this incredible game right now!

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